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About Us

TippTopp Art Studio is focused on building a creative hub for children and adults alike, offering a range of art activities.

The studio is bright, inviting, spacious and we provide exposure to a high-quality art materials, tools and techniques.

We offers a range of activities to ignite the creativity of both children and adults throughout workshops, art classes, art camps, art parties, adults painting evening, events and more. 

We have seasonal changes and holiday themes, so there is always something new for every age and ability.


We aim to create a space where creativity meets fun!

Art Exploration Class

Art classes are all about learning the basic principles of art through the process of exploring materials and techniques. The projects and activities that we provide in our art classes are always fun and engaging and promote independence, observation, creative thinking and problem solving skills.  

In the art class there is no right and wrong. We encourage spontaneous self-expression, respect each child’s individual needs and remove the pressure of performing.

Whether painting, drawing, modelling or building, the children will use their hands and their hearts to create art that is unique and meaningful to them.

Open studio

Open studio is a new concept that allows adults and children to have immediate access to a range of creative activities.

During Open studio you can drop in and pick a creative item off  our ART MENU.

You are sure to find something that you and your kids will love creating and having fun with!

Art Workshops

Every Saturday morning TippTopp Art Studio will offer fun and creative art & craft projects kids and parents will love! 

Holiday and seasonal arts & crafts, painting ideas, mixed media, painting on ceramic and much more.


TippTopp Art Studio Birthday Parties are a unique combination of fun and art making! 

We create a customised art party for your child and provide everything needed for the little artists to create and have an excited experience they will remember. 

We offer 6 art activities suitable for any age and level: canvas painting, slime making, art & crafting, t-shirts painting, t-shirts tie-dye and jewellery making.

All art activities are offered in standard (one main activity) and premium package (one main activity and mini slime).

Each package also includes:



additional information

Acrylic paint does NOT come out of clothing. Please have your guests dress for a mess! 

Given that the space is limited to art activities, the parties are “drop off” only.

The parents of the birthday child need to arrive 30min before the party scheduled end time to serve the cake (if any).

  • The cake (including food-related customised items such as plates, napkins, cups etc) for the party is the responsibility of the parents. We will have the tables set up for any food you may choose to bring.

  • All art materials, bottled water and food-related recyclable items (i.e white paper plates, napkins and cups) are included