Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a party?

Complete a booking form by clicking here. We will email you to confirm availability, party details, and secure your 50 euro deposit.  Or message us on WhatsApp at 00352.661661376 to complete your booking.  Please allow one business day to respond to booking request and inquiries. Four days prior to your party date, we will confirm all pertinent information, including the number of kids attending so appropriate number of crafts and materials can be provided.

How far in advance do I need to book a party?

We fill up fast and in months in advance, but last minute parties may be available. The final count of the number of kids and crafts should be provided four days prior to the party in order to ensure crafts and materials are available.

What is included in a TippTopp art party?

TippTopp art party is a mobile-based business, and our parties come to you.  For on site pasty we provide the tables, chairs, PDF invitations for you to print, decorations, supplies and an experimented teacher.  We will set up the party, provide step-by-step instruction, and clean up afterward.  Each party will last 90 minutes with additional time for face painting if you chose this option.

How do I choose what I can paint?

Simply provide the theme when booking your party and ideas will be presented.

How old do you have to be to paint?

We entertain children of all ages from ages 4 and up. We have several age-appropriate themes and crafts to choose from.

What type of events do you attend?

You can host a art party event to celebrate any occasion: birthday parties, family&corporate events, kids parties just for fun, themed parties, school events etc.

Is it possible to serve birthday cake on the ART BUS?

Yes. You can hire the bus for an extra 30 minutes for 30€ if you would like food to be eaten on board.

Does an adult need to be present during a party in the Art Bus?

No! But you are welcome to pop in and out if you would like. We will take pictures of the party and share it on WhatsApp with the parent.