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About us

TippTopp is an art company based in Luxembourg aiming to provide people with authentic opportunities to make and create.

We offer two art spaces: at our Art Studio, situated in the heart of Luxembourg City, 11 Côte d'Eich, L-1450  and on our Art Bus.

Our Art Studio is bright, inviting, spacious, uniquely organised. We provide exposure and inspiration to high-quality art materials, tools, techniques and processes.

TippTopp Art Studio is a process-based space, meaning that the focus is more on the process of creating art than on the end result. In the art studio, there is no right or wrong, it’s just about falling in love with the art journey.

We love to build a creativity hub for children, adults and families, a community connection within art: workshops, art camps, art parties, ladies painting nights and more.

With Art Bus you are welcome aboard a creative new experience in entertainment – a unique, easy to plan and convenient way to celebrate anywhere you can imagine!

Because we know how complicated logistically and time consuming it can be to organise a children’s birthday party, our mission is simple: we put the art in the party and bring the fun to you. Our parties come to you – fun, fresh, creative and worry free for parents!

Our team travels all over Luxembourg creating art experiences for children. We drive to your house or location, park up outside our unique and fully equipped art bus and we are ready to take between 10 and 15 excited children for a fun creative party.

You book your date and time, pick your art activity and let us do the rest. Fun and done!

Check out our party packages here


Press & News


Tipptopp Art Studio mentioned on this article in Luxembourg Wort

"Wenn der Kindergeburtstag zum Event



TippTopp Art Studio pop-up store in the City Magazine!

tipptopp pop-up.png

Tipptopp Art Studio mentioned on this article in RTL 5minutes

"Témoignages d'entrepreneurs 

Pop-up stores: l'avenir des commerces au Luxembourg?"

Delano TippTopp.png



TippTopp puts “the art in party”

Today Radio RTL.png

With Melissa Dalton in the studio of RTL Today Radio to talk about Tipptopp!

Link here

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 20.45.30.png
inauguration TippTopp.jpeg

Inauguration of TippTopp first Art Studio, a pop-up store in the presence of members of the City's college of aldermen and other officials.

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