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Art Exploration 

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Next art classes:

THURSDAY: 8 /15 / 22 / 29 June

TUESDAY: 13 / 20 / 27 June and 4 July

4pm - 6pm

Small groups of up to 6 participants

Price: 260€ (4 sessions)

What They Will Learn

* Drawing basics – sketching, shading & colouring

* Painting with Acrylic on canvas - colour mixing, tone, brushwork, composition, texture, paint application and more

* Painting with watercolour - expression and creative freedom

* Drawing self-portraits - proportions & scale 

* Modelling with air dry clay and more…

Art classes are all about learning the basic principles of art through the process of exploring materials and techniques. The projects and activities that we provide in our art classes are always fun and engaging and promote independence, observation, creative thinking and problem solving skills.  

In the art class there is no right and wrong. We encourage spontaneous self-expression, respect each child’s individual needs and remove the pressure of performing.

Whether painting, drawing, modelling or building, the children will use their hands and their hearts to create art that is unique and meaningful to them.

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