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  • How far in advance do I need to book a party?
    The sooner the better, especially if you want a specific day and time.
  • What is the minimum age?
    We can accommodate children aged 5+. They need to be able to work independently without parent supervision.
  • How do I book a party?
    Complete a booking form by clicking here. We will email you to confirm availability, party details, and secure your 50 euro deposit. Please allow two business days to respond to booking request and inquiries. Three working days prior to your party date, you will confirm all required information including the number of kids attending so appropriate number of crafts and materials can be provided.
  • Does an adult need to be present during a party in the Art Bus?
    No, the TippTopp art party is a children-only event but you are welcome to pop in and out if you like. We will take pictures during the event and airdrop or share them via WhatsApp to the parents.
  • Can the cake be served on the Art Bus?
    On the Art Bus cannot be served any food or drinks as they are not compatible with art activities. For the cake you may want to consider serving it at your place either before or after the art party.
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